How our Signature Retreats Work

Glamping Ownership, Simplified

You own the glamping retreat, and we manage it. It’s the modern way to camp

Your glamping retreat in the outdoors should be a place to relax, unwind, and enjoy the outdoors — without having to worry about nagging chores like mowing the lawn, paying the bills or finding a repair person to fix a broken pipe. And let’s face it, traditional camping is uncomfortable and a hassle. To that end, Florida Glamping Company offers fully managed co-ownership of glamping retreats. We simplify the experience of owning a glamping retreat and make it comfortable and fun so you can enjoy all the benefits of the outdoors and ownership without all the hassles.

We make sure your glamping retreat is fun and comfortable from day one. Our goal is to provide you with a glamping retreat that is both stylish and functional. Our team gives each retreat a thorough design, selecting everything needed to make the retreat effortlessly ‘extra’. Owners should feel nearly as comfortable in their glamping retreat as they do in their primary residence. In addition to furnishings, glamping retreats are fully equipped with all the essentials and more. We select high-quality linens, cookware, electronics, and fun extras like books, board games and outdoor recreation items. Preparing for a stay at your glamping retreat should be as easy as packing a few clothes and toiletries, because everything else you need is already there.

Maintaining a property from another city can be a challenge, and once you’re there, you don’t want to spend all your time on pesky homeowner tasks — so Florida Glamping Company takes care of them for you. After each owner’s stay, the retreat is thoroughly inspected and cleaned, and any maintenance issues are logged and resolved. We schedule preventive maintenance to head off problems, and set aside reserves for long-term and unexpected issues. We also make sure the property looks great year-round, with regular landscaping and upkeep.

When you co-own a property, you need a fair and centralized system of billing. Florida Glamping Company makes this aspect of ownership simple. For each glamping retreat, we create an annual budget that includes all the operating expenses, such as utilities, maintenance, repair reserves, property taxes, and management. We then divide the total cost into 12 monthly payments which owners pay based on the number of shares owned. Those payments go into the retreat’s LLC financial account, and Florida Glamping Company then pays all the bills.

Your relationship with Florida Glamping Company doesn’t end with your purchase. You’ll have a dedicated Retreat Manager to support you before, during or after your stays. Your Retreat Manager handles any maintenance issues, so retreat owners don’t have to worry about finding service providers or scheduling repairs. We also regularly check in with owners to verify if their needs are being met and ask for feedback. Our number one priority is ensuring owners have a delightful experience at their glamping retreat. Owners should maximize quality time at your glamping retreat and forget about the hassles. Learn more about Florida Glamping Company and fully managed co-ownership, and take the next step toward outdoor bliss.