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Elevate Your Business with Glamping

Florida Glamping Company is a new kind of travel company. We help people escape to nature in comfortable and stylish glamping retreats. These accommodations appeal to a growing segment of travelers seeking a sustainable, authentic, and immersive experience. And we help our partners add these glamping options to their existing businesses, such as wedding venues and campgrounds. Our partnership program helps Florida businesses leverage their land and operations to create unique, outdoor travel accommodations. And we believe that partnership is the key to success.

Why Partner With us?

At Florida Glamping Company, we have expertise in glamping and specialize in creating exceptional glamping experiences. With years of experience, we know how to create unique and sustainable glamping accommodations that attract travelers and generate revenue.

Partner with Florida Glamping Company because we know that every property is unique. We work with each partner to develop a customized glamping solution. Our solution is tailored to your property, your business goals, and your guest preferences.

who are our programs for

Our partnership programs are tailored for venues and campgrounds creating unforgettable outdoor experiences.

Hospitality-driven Venues: We seek partners who share our passion for providing exceptional hospitality and are eager to elevate the overall guest experience with unique, comfortable glamping accommodations.

Nature-Focused Campgrounds: If your campground is nestled in picturesque surroundings and you are committed to offering guests an immersive nature experience, our partnership programs are designed for you.

Event Spaces: Ideal for event venues looking to add a touch of luxury and novelty to their offerings. Our glamping accommodations are perfect for weddings, retreats, and other special occasions.

Eco-Conscious Partners: We welcome partners who prioritize sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Our glamping experience is designed to minimize environmental impact while maximizing comfort and enjoyment.

Adventure Enthusiasts: If your venue caters to individuals and groups seeking adventure and a unique connection with the outdoors, our glamping tents provide a cozy and stylish retreat after a day of exploration.

By joining our partnership programs, you become a part of a community dedicated to redefining outdoor hospitality. Together, we can create magical moments for guests seeking a perfect blend of comfort and nature. Join us in making glamping an integral part of your venue’s offerings.

Let Us Manage, You Reap the Rewards

Are you a landowner with a picturesque property seeking to capitalize on the growing glamping trend? Our “Lease Partnership” program allows you to lease a portion of your land to us, and we take care of all aspects of glamping operations.

Extension of Your Business

Are you a venue or campground looking to enhance your offerings and provide a unique, high-quality experience for your guests? Our “Extension of Your Business” program is designed for partners who want to operate glamping as an integrated part of their own establishment.