Owners of Signature Retreats don’t just buy a glamping retreat, they join the local community. A Signature Retreat is a special place for family and friends to come together and create lasting members. People build strong communities through collaboration and respect. Our owners strive to be good neighbors and good community citizens, and look forward to working together to make communities welcoming for all.

Your Signature Retreats neighbors are families. Owners, not renters. Together, they own 100% of their home. Unlike a typical second home, Signature Retreats aim for owner use of nearly 90% of the time — providing year-round support for local businesses. The local community does not benefit when properties are empty. The co-owners of Signature Retreats collectively use their glamping retreats year-round, supporting local businesses and building connections. Owners spend money on goods and services such as groceries, restaurants, entertainment, and local attractions. This can create jobs and increase revenue for local businesses and governments. Additionally, retreat owners may become involved in the local community through volunteer work, donations, or other forms of support.

We serve owners and their families. The owners invest in their glamping retreat and take an owner’s mindset to care for their property. All owners agree to our policies, which prohibit rentals and large events or parties.