Signature Retreats

Florida Glamping Company offers a modern way to buy and own an outdoor glamping retreat. We do it for significantly less cost and remove the typical hassles of property ownership. Introducing Signature Retreats by Florida Glamping Company.

For many families, a glamping retreat is a special place to come together and create lasting memories. Your glamping Signature Retreat comes with everything needed to enjoy time together with the ones that matter most to you. You’ll find a fully furnished travel trailer to make your stays comfortable and cosy, and fun activities right on site. Not to mention, you’ll be near great outdoor activities, like natural springs and hiking trails.

Florida Glamping Company builds amazing outdoor retreats featuring iconic travel trailers in paradises of natural wonder. We create an LLC for each Signature Retreat and each one has a maximum of eight owners. When the retreat has been fully sold, Florida Glamping Company does not retain any ownership in the retreat. We professionally manage the retreat for the benefit of the owners, handling design, cleaning, maintenance, bill payment, repairs, LLC oversight, taxes and more.

Our Signature Retreats provide the opportunity to own a piece of the outdoors for dramatically less cost and management hassle. You have the flexibility to own the amount of the retreat that is right for you, ranging from 1/8 to 1/2. Each owner has independent control over the sale of their share.