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Partner Benefits

Adding glamping accommodations to your property creates new revenue streams that complements your existing business. This can help you to diversify your income and create a more stable and profitable business.

Have underperforming sites? Our long-term leases provide a steady, predictable source of income for partners, which help with financial planning and stability.

Partners reduce vacancy rates and ensure a consistent occupancy level. Which can be especially beneficial during the off-season or slower periods.

We provide year-round income. Glamping is a year-round activity, providing partners with a consistent source of income beyond existing seasonal use.

Our partners have increased upsell opportunities. Partners can also offer additional services or experiences to guests, such as guided tours, outdoor activities, or dining options, providing even more opportunities to increase revenue.

Dedicated customer support 7 days a week for campers
Extensive marketing and advertising to bring campers to your site
Delivery and installation of turn-key tents
General liability insurance coverage
What we’re looking for

We seek partners who have locations in unique Florida paradises of natural wonder that showcase the beauty of our state. This can include properties near state parks, beaches, rivers, lakes, springs, and other natural attractions.

Florida Glamping Company is passionate about providing exceptional guest experiences. We are looking for partners who share this commitment and are willing to work with us to create unique and memorable glamping accommodations that exceed guest expectations.

Florida Glamping Company seeks to form long-term, collaborative partnerships. We believe that trust, communication, and a shared vision for success build successful partnerships.

We seek partners who are interested in diversifying their business and appealing to a growing segment of travelers seeking unique and sustainable travel experiences by offering glamping accommodations.

At Florida Glamping Company, we are committed to sustainability and minimizing our impact on the environment. We are looking for partners who share this commitment and are willing to work with us to create eco-friendly and sustainable glamping accommodations.

We seek partners who have an entrepreneurial spirit. Florida Glamping Company believe that the glamping market in Florida has tremendous potential, and we want to work with partners who share our vision for success.

How to apply

Florida Glamping Company would love to discuss your business. Please complete the form below or email us at to get started.