The Suwannee River is a wild, blackwater river that flows more than 246 miles. The river begins in the Okefenokee Swamp in south Georgia and meanders through north Florida, ending in the Gulf of Mexico. The Suwannee River valley is a pristine ecosystem, making a great outdoors experience. You’ll find over 300 documented springs in the area. So you’ll find a paradise of natural wonder and outdoor activities. Come experience the majesty of rural north Florida.

madison blue springs

Named one of the best swimming holes in the country, this first-magnitude spring is popular for swimming and scuba diving. This state park is located on the Withlacooche River.


Charles Springs is a little known second magnitude spring located between Dowling Park and Luraville.  There are two limestone bridges creating multiple pools, and a shallow run to the river.  Due to its shallow nature, it is a great spring for small children.

Charles Springs is a county park and also has a boat ramp.


Blue Springs is a first magnitude spring and is part of the state park system of Florida.  Bicycling, hiking and wildlife viewing are favorite pastimes for visitors. The picnic area has tables, grills and two pavilions, which are popular for family reunions and parties.


Telford is a great swimming hole and also has a nice cave system for diving.  There is a natural limestone bridge that makes a fun swim through.  It is a second magnitude spring and is only accessible from the Suwannee River.


Peacock Springs is a series of springs and sink holes is part of the Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park.  Cave divers travel from all over the world to explore nearly 33,000 feet of surveyed underwater passages at Peacock Springs. This park features one of the longest underwater cave systems in the continental United States.


Running Springs consists of two separate springs. The two springs are Running Springs 1 and Running Springs 2.  Running Springs 1 is a nice swimming hole and Running Springs 2 is very picturesque.  There is also a fun rope swing into the river.  The land adjacent to the springs is private property and access to the spring is only available from the Suwannee River.


Bathtub Spring is a pretty little spring with a pool of about 10 feet in diameter and 4 to 5 feet deep.  The water is clear and blue and makes a nice tub to cool off on hot days.

The land surrounding the spring is privately owned and access is only available from the Suwannee River.


Convict Spring is located on the Suwannee River Rendezvous Resort and Campground.  The spring is surrounded by a concrete platform.  Swimming is available at the spring.  The spring is named so because it was used by the Lafayette county jail system decades ago.


Royal Springs is a popular swimming hole and is part of the Suwannee County park system.  The water is a beautiful turquoise and blue.  There is a large platform for jumping into the spring.  There is also a boat ramp on the site.


A lesser known spring that is not easily accessible from the river. Owens Spring has a feel that takes you back in time, though the algae is abundantly growing.

The water from the spring flows approximately 125 feet where it disappears into a syphon, which is a neat sight to see in times of low water.  In times of higher water, the spring flows through the woods to the Suwannee River.

Owens Spring is located on public land managed by the Suwannee River Water Management District.


Mearson Spring is a wonderful spot for swimming.  The water is clear and blue and has a short run from the river.  The land surrounding the spring is privately owned and the spring must be accessed from the Suwannee River.


Troy Spring is a hidden gem in north Florida and is part of the state park system. It is a 70-foot deep, first magnitude spring that offers opportunities for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving.  Troy Spring has restrooms, an accessible walkway, picnic tables, an interpretive nature trail and a riverside dock for canoeists and boaters on the Suwannee River.  Found in the spring run are the remains of the Civil War-era steamboat Madison which was scuttled in 1863 to keep it from being captured.


Ruth Spring, also called Sulphur Spring by many local residents because it produces a noticeable sulphur smell at certain times, is a small spring accessible for swimming.

The spring run travels through a forest to the Suwannee River, which it enters about 550 feet away.

The spring is on the lands of the Suwannee River Water Management District. There is also a canoe and kayak launch.


A popular swimming hole and cave diving location, Little River Spring is part of the Suwannee County park system.  The site includes portable restrooms, tables, grills, parking, boat ramp, and boardwalks.