Big Oak Tail

Often described as one of the most scenic hikes in north Florida. The Big Oak trail is part of the statewide Florida Trail, which runs 1,000 miles, with 300 miles planned, from Big Cypress National Preserve to Fort Pickens at Gulf Islands National Seashore, Pensacola Beach.

Most of the Big Oak Trail follows the Suwannee and Withlacoochee Rivers, where you’ll see many sinkholes and, of course, the Big Oak tree. The Big Oak is so large that it takes eight people holding hands to circle around it.

There are a few ways to hike this trail depending on how much distance you want to hike. You should expect to hike between 4 and 9 miles.

Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park

The 1.2-mile interpretive trail that starts near Peacock Springs allows hikers to mimic the path that the cave system and divers underneath their feet are taking. Read more about the trail at the state park website.

There are cave diving and swimming options at this location too at Peacock Springs I, II, III, and Orange Grove Sink.

Lafayette Blue Springs State Park

As described on the state park’s website, less than a half-mile in length, the Green Sink Trail takes visitors on a brief trip through the shaded hammock and sinkholes that define Lafayette Blue Springs State Park.

You may also swim in the first-magnitude Blue Spring, which has a natural limestone bridge that you can swim under connecting two spring pools.

Anderson Spring Trail and Walker Loop

A moderate 5-mile trail that follows along the Suwannee River for much of the trail. There is a small park that overlooks Anderson Spring, that is a nice picnic spot.